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23 March 2009 @ 04:50 pm
My throat & ass hurt.  
Sitting on concrete hurts after a while.

Haha, looking at that title, I realize its pretty funny.

My customized layout for this thing isn’t anywhere near complete so I’m just gonna use a gay theme for now. Let the journaling begin.

Cute Story.

Miles and I, after painting a naked lady earlier, decided not to go to Human Sexuality class & instead go out for some yummy Mandarin & Cantonese food :D
We both decided to order the whole fried tilapia since fish sounded yummy.

Well, we start going to town on that poor delicious fish & half way through it, the spirit of the tilapia takes revenge! I swallow a piece that I thought was bone free.
But the damn thing had a sharp little hidden bone tucked in it, that I failed to chew threw and detect.

And when I swallowed, the bone got lodged horizontally in my esophagus, making it impossible to swallow. That’s not to say that I didn’t try swallowing it. Drinking soda & eating more didn’t help it go down.

I ran to the bathroom, washed my hands for good measure and tried to forcefully cough it out. Which worsened the problem. The bone kinda just shifted a tiny bit farther up and continuously gagged me. But not far up enough for me to see and pull out if I opened my mouth wide enough. It hurt soooo badly. I started crying.

Luckily, the gagging turned into wretching. And wretching turned into me throwing up in the sink. A fishy mess. Ewwww.
Which forced the bone out! Awesome! The relief was enormous. I was one happy camper.
I cleaned up and went back to the table to finish eating my food. Just thought it was kinda funny that it happened to me, having eaten whole fish since I was kid, and not to Miles, who was eating a whole fish for the first time today.

Miles, of course, had to have his little cute lesson of the day moment.
He says that I needa stop putting bones in mouth & down my throat.

The place where the bone was is still sore.

On another note, I’m having a lot of fun playing Resident Evil 5 with Miles. Resident Evil 5 is more fun if you are playing with another person apparently. Sheva can be a nuisance if she’s played by the computer.
It is sooo fun blastin them niggers >D

White power, right?
I’m totally a white supremacist.
Random thought of the day:
Rainie Yang can't dance to save her life. lmao.

Till next time.
わかった バイ バイ!

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