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02 November 2010 @ 08:49 am

My creative output is suffering alot these days. I can't believe that yesterday, when my cousin asked me to show him some recent art work to see how I've improved, I had nothing to show him. Absolutely nothing.

I've had brilliant ideas in my head that I have yet to start putting down. My Jet Li-centric Poreotics mecha comic strip that I said I'd start in Summer. My fantasy art trade with Estu. Even something as simple as my t-list/beast bias piece has yet to meet completion. On top of that, I've been wanting to make a contribution to a project I've been keeping my eye on recently.

I wonder why I start things but never follow through or finish them? I want to see my work come to life again. I'd like to show people that there's more to me then my stupid sketches.

I also need to get on my Korean studies and working out.


It's time to get to crackin'.

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26 July 2010 @ 06:29 pm

i got some food for thought when I began emo-ing over how I haven't progressed much over the last couple years.

i was told things along the lines of "you're still very young, you don't have to be perfect. you don't always have to be moving forward in a straight line. there's a long time for you to figure it out. you don't have to be so worried about establishing yourself right now. everyone grows & progresses differently." stuff like that.

i can't say much in regards to its validity. but it was a bit of advise i actually took to heart. it made me feel better when i saw feeling down. yaya~ thanks for justifying my laziness! kakakak. but seriously, i wonder if i'll be okay, even at the slow pace i've set for myself.

speaking of emo, i just want to say that this is my journal and thus, i will be completely justified in using it to bitch! i understand that everyone has bad days. everyone has a bad week. hell some of us have a bad month or two or three if we get unlucky. we whine, sulk and make ourselves unpleasant to be around when we feel particularly shitty. but we get back up again and move on with our lives, heads held high, driven to make the most of our lives as we can (unless you have chronic depression). my point is that, i know a person or two who just seem to spend every last moment of their lives being sad. always bitching and moaning and groaning and never having much to be happy about EVER. how can you live like that? how can someone spend every day of their existence with nothing to smile for? unless you have some real fucking hardship i don't fathom how anyone can be like this. i hope things look up for them. and that they're not fishing for attention. cause frankly i'm getting tired of seeing so many frowny faces.


i'm writing a fic~! i was suddenly struck with the desire to write. and since i have no original story to show, i have chosen this route. i've been feeling very artsy lately. and i have been expressing it through many mediums~! arts. crafts. now writing. most fanfiction, imo, is painful to read. i find it much more plesant to write than to read other peoples. anyways. i don't know how/where to distribute it when it's done... even after so long, i'm still so unfamiliar with LJ, it's embarrassing. i'm by no means an established author. and i don't write casually, but i'm not terrible at it, so it's taking me a while. i hope someone will find some enjoyment out of it.

how does one establish themselves on lj anyways?

25 July 2010 @ 02:00 am

oh hey look i posted something for the first time in forever. in like a  year. seems like lately i only log on to post on omona. haha

why do i never really got the hang of lj?

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23 March 2009 @ 04:50 pm
Sitting on concrete hurts after a while.

Haha, looking at that title, I realize its pretty funny.

My customized layout for this thing isn’t anywhere near complete so I’m just gonna use a gay theme for now. Let the journaling begin.

Cute Story.

Miles and I, after painting a naked lady earlier, decided not to go to Human Sexuality class & instead go out for some yummy Mandarin & Cantonese food :D
We both decided to order the whole fried tilapia since fish sounded yummy.

Well, we start going to town on that poor delicious fish & half way through it, the spirit of the tilapia takes revenge! I swallow a piece that I thought was bone free.
But the damn thing had a sharp little hidden bone tucked in it, that I failed to chew threw and detect.

And when I swallowed, the bone got lodged horizontally in my esophagus, making it impossible to swallow. That’s not to say that I didn’t try swallowing it. Drinking soda & eating more didn’t help it go down.

I ran to the bathroom, washed my hands for good measure and tried to forcefully cough it out. Which worsened the problem. The bone kinda just shifted a tiny bit farther up and continuously gagged me. But not far up enough for me to see and pull out if I opened my mouth wide enough. It hurt soooo badly. I started crying.

Luckily, the gagging turned into wretching. And wretching turned into me throwing up in the sink. A fishy mess. Ewwww.
Which forced the bone out! Awesome! The relief was enormous. I was one happy camper.
I cleaned up and went back to the table to finish eating my food. Just thought it was kinda funny that it happened to me, having eaten whole fish since I was kid, and not to Miles, who was eating a whole fish for the first time today.

Miles, of course, had to have his little cute lesson of the day moment.
He says that I needa stop putting bones in mouth & down my throat.

The place where the bone was is still sore.

On another note, I’m having a lot of fun playing Resident Evil 5 with Miles. Resident Evil 5 is more fun if you are playing with another person apparently. Sheva can be a nuisance if she’s played by the computer.
It is sooo fun blastin them niggers >D

White power, right?
I’m totally a white supremacist.
Random thought of the day:
Rainie Yang can't dance to save her life. lmao.

Till next time.
わかった バイ バイ!

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